Saturday, 25 June 2011

Follow Up + Online Previews.

Last Thursday was the opening of two great new shows at London Miles Gallery, located in our East London pop- up space. Coming To Town, by Nom Kinnear King and Xue Wang recieved a great response, with both artists enjoying their first UK dual solo.
Xue Wang was in the spot light with her dark but sweet pop surrealist oil paintings and viewers were capitavated by Nom Kinnear King's portraits.

Downstairs, INSA's 6 x 4 foot painting and Tom Bagshaw's digital masterpiece were the two favourites from the Guilty Pleasures and Modern Vices exhibition.

The Exhibition runs until Monday, open from 11am to 7pm daily. We hope you can take some time to come down to see the show in person. However if you are not in the country, then have a look at the ONLINE PREVIEWS, follow the link's below:

COMING TO TOWN by Nom Kinnear King and Xue Wang.


Artworks are still available, so if you see anything you like please just get in touch.


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