Thursday, 24 June 2010

ART BOX AUCTION & CLOSING EXHIBITION On Sunday July 4th from 10am to 6pm.

London Miles Gallery is hosting a silent auction at Westbourne Studios on Sunday the 4th of July to coincide with the closing of their international group show The Next Generation which takes place during Notting Hill’s Visual Arts Festival; an annual spotlight on local showcases and arts talent in one of London’s most vibrant areas.

The silent auction will sell off the individual recycled painted cardboard boxes, which have collectively formed a bright and colourful installation within the atrium of Westbourne Studios. The aim of the installation was to build a platform for up and coming artists living in London and beyond. The project’s goal was to raise awareness not only about the wealth of the artistic talent within the UK, but also the ecological importance of recycling within our boroughs.

All money raised from the silent auction will go directly to London Miles Gallery chosen charity - Kids Company.

Kidsco provides practical, emotional and educational support to 14,000 vulnerable inner-city children across London. For many, the roles of adult and child are reversed and despite profound love, both struggle to survive. Kids Company therefore offers a safe, caring, family environment where support is tailored to the needs of each individual. Kidsco’s services support children who have experienced enormous challenges to lead positive and fulfilling lives. Despite the great difficulties they have endured during their lives, the children Kids Company work with are hugely courageous and embrace fully the support they offer.

Alongside the Art box auction, a separate live auction hosted by Portobello Auctions offering art lovers a a great opportunity to purchase inexpensive art from around £2 to £100. Portobello Auctions will be auctioning off 19th, 20th and 21st century paintings as well as watercolours and prints. The live auction will commence at 1.30pm with 10% of all sales going to charity. Viewing time will begin at 10am till 1pm.

How the ART BOX Auction works:
London Miles Gallery will begin to take online bids on Monday the 28th of June at 9.30am. Each box will have a reserve price of £10. The boxes will be individually numbered on line; to place a bid on your preferred box please e-mail with the box number as the subject title. Please leave your bidding offer as well as a contact number.

Final bids will take place on Sunday 4th of July at 3.30pm at Westbourne Studios. The auction will officially close at 4pm. If you have won, London Miles Gallery will get in touch with the winning bidder directly and you can take your box home with you the same evening.

Visit for more information
and we look forward to seeing you on

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

LONDON MILES GALLERY ARTIST, David Marsh takes part in.....

Fifteen top young artists are to be featured in an upcoming exhibition entitled ʻSomewhere Sometimeʼ at Eastgallery, Brick Lane. The show will run every day (expect Monday) from Friday 2nd July until Wednesday 7th July, with a private view from 7PM on Thursday 1st July, which will include a live DJ set. All exhibitors graduated in 2008, and are currently establishing themselves as ʻthe ones to watchʼ in the world of illustration and design, including among their clients Penguin, Macmillan, Cineworld and The National Trust.

Eastgallery is at 214 Brick Lane, London, E1 6SA, a short walk from Old Street, Liverpool Street and Aldgate tube stations. It is open from 11AM to 7PM every day except Monday, and admission is free. More info about the gallery and exhibition can be found at

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The Opening Exhibition of THE NEXT GENERATION

The Opening reception of The Next Generation opened last Friday night to a lovely crowd of more than a hundred happy visitors. The evening included live Djs, the presentation of the Art Box project and more than 50 pieces of art on display in our pop up gallery in Westbourne Studios.

The exhibition is up and available for your viewing pleasure until July 4th. Come by and dont miss this great opportunity to see one incredible art exhibition right here in London center!

Daily hours:
Monday to Friday: 9am to 7pm
Saturday: 11am to 6pm

Thursday, 10 June 2010

LMG interviews Chris Murray

To better inform you about the individual artists exhibiting in our upcoming exhibition (Opening Tomorrow, Friday June 11th) London Miles Gallery has interviewed a majority of the 45 featured artists.

Next up on the list is incredible illustrator and painter: CHRIS B. MURRAY.
Here is a brief digital interview we conducted with him. Take a look at the stunning piece he created for the exhibition, Titled "The Hunter", show left.

What medium do you use or prefer? I like working in acrylic because of how quick it allows me to work and the different affects I can achieve with it. When I'm working in my black book I use every type of medium under the sun.

Who or what are your inspirations?

My years of watching cartoons, looking at graffiti on trains, comic-books, hip hop culture in general, starvation.

What do you think of the New Contemporary art movement at the moment?

I love it, I think the boundaries have finally been lifted and new art forms are being more easily accepted than they may have been in the past.

Where do you think the movement is going?

I think its moving in a positive direction and will open new doors to the younger generation of artists.

Have you showed your work in Europe or The United Kingdom before?

Not until London Miles and am super excited to be a part of this show, have painted murals however.

Have you ever had an large artistic block and how did you overcome it?

Not really, I have so many ideas that I sometimes overwhelm myself by thinking I will never get enough time to share them all with the world.

Do you make art with an audience in mind or do you make it just because you like it ?

I make it for me to start, but I think because of my influences that my work speaks to most people who are in tune with music, fashion, sports, movies etc. I have a little something for everyone I feel, I try not to limit my subject matter in that regards.

What do you want show and express with your art?

I've always like to create images that are visually stimulating to the viewer. If he/she/it is able to walk away emotionally charged by my work than great, if that's not the case than at least they have something nice to look at for a period of time.

What advice would you give to the Next Generation of UK artists that what to succeed in this art genre?

Be persistent, learn when to play the sidelines and when to kick the door down. Never stop creating, your art is your voice so use that to express your thoughts for the world and the right people will listen.

What role do you think (this type of) art plays in today’s society?

An important one, this generation is hands down the most creative so people should pay attention to what we are saying.

Thanks Chris!
For more information on Chris Murray visit his website:

Monday, 7 June 2010

LMG interview with Stella Im Hultberg

In preparation for our upcoming exhibition, London Miles Gallery has interviewed the majority of the artists exhibiting in THE NEXT GENERATION group show. Most of the artist interviews and profiles can be found in the Exhibition Catalogs here.

Here is an interview we recently conducted with New York based artist, Stella Im Hultberg and a peek at the artwork she created for the exhibition.

What is your artistic background?

I studied industrial design in college and worked as a product designer of toys, furniture and other consumer products. But as an artist, I'm self-taught.

I mostly do paintings in various mediums, and am experimenting with sculptural works as of late.

What medium do you use or prefer?

I used to prefer oil mostly but I have learned to enjoy all medium for each of their unique nature & qualities. Lately most of my works have been mixed media of oil, acrylic, graphite, watercolor, and clay & wood sculpture.

Who or what are your inspirations?

Inspiration comes in all shapes and forms, mostly they're ideas that spring from things my mind wanders through daily. Sometimes it's books, stories, or film, or other artist's works - although if I had to find an underlying common thread, it's always about people and their lives. Mythologies are a great source of ideas as well.

Have you showed your work in Europe or The United Kingdom before?

If no, how do you feel about showing here for the first time and alongside this group of artists?

I have never shown in the UK or Europe before, and I'm excited.

I'm never sure what to think of audiences when I'm in the creating process (whether to keep them in mind or not is always a battle) but it never ceases to amaze me to meet new pool of people that appreciate art. I'm always blown away by the support, wherever the location may be, and am ever so grateful.

I am truly honored to have been invited to join this group of artists. It's a shame to not be able to see all the works in person!

7. Do you think there is a similar potential for growth for yourself and for the art movement in the UK as in The US, what do you feel are the main barriers or obstacles?

- I really do hope so - I'm not really sure what the art scene is like in the UK (not that I know it well here in the US). I personally don't see any difference in terms of creating works whether it's for the US or the UK shows. I just try to focus on what I'm creating and where I'm going with it, and maybe that's not the right way to work, but it's the only way I know how without betraying myself.

I hope that there will be something universal in what I create that can connect to people no matter where they're from.

Have you ever had an large artistic block and how did you overcome it?

I get artistic blocks only because I'm thinking of other things or other people. I just try to focus on what I want to say or put out there. I go through phases of self-doubt even in one small painting. I just take it as a normal creative process for myself, then it doesn't seem as daunting.

Of course, the very though of those "phases" of my creative processes are out there in the world permanently really gives me a panic attack sometimes.

What are your goals or aims you want to achieve with your art?

I'm not sure about the specifics yet and this is a question I'm always struggling with. I think I am always chasing that specific fragment of memories and emotions that pass through us like electricity, as vague as that may sound. (It doesn't sound like a 'goal' either).

Ultimately, I would like to be an artist that can build an honest body of work in the purest manner for as long as I can keep it that way. I don't care to be known for a style or technique, but I hope to be able to contain some ideas that I truly am at peace with.

What advice would you give to the Next Generation of UK artists that what to succeed in this

art genre?

Unfortunately, I am not sure that I deserve to give any advice. I am always struggling myself to figure out where I am most of the time.

But for any artist in any genre, I think it's important to really put yourself in it and struggle and work hard. And not do it for anything else but the love and joy of creating art itself in a manner you believe in - not for money, fame, or even honor. Otherwise it's going to be a tough road, I think!

Thanks Stella!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Exhibition Catalog- Chapters 1 to 3

London Miles presents The Next Generation Exhibition catalog - featuring artist profiles, exclusive artist interviews and selected artworks from all 45 artists featured in the exhibition.

The catalogs have been split up in to three Chapters and will be available to view online on Monday, June 4th 2010.

Please check for more information.

Hope to see you at the opening reception on Friday, June 11th at London Miles Gallery.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Talented young artists take part in the Box Project

ART BOX 2010
Presented by London Miles Gallery

As the exhibition approaches more and more boxes are coming in to the gallery. A good handful of them are not your average painted cardboard box, some local London based artists have really taken the project seriously and have created some truly impressive works of art.

Make sure you come to the opening reception of "The Next Generation" where the cardboard box installation will be on display.

See you Next Friday, June 11th at London Miles Gallery for the big event.