Thursday, 10 June 2010

LMG interviews Chris Murray

To better inform you about the individual artists exhibiting in our upcoming exhibition (Opening Tomorrow, Friday June 11th) London Miles Gallery has interviewed a majority of the 45 featured artists.

Next up on the list is incredible illustrator and painter: CHRIS B. MURRAY.
Here is a brief digital interview we conducted with him. Take a look at the stunning piece he created for the exhibition, Titled "The Hunter", show left.

What medium do you use or prefer? I like working in acrylic because of how quick it allows me to work and the different affects I can achieve with it. When I'm working in my black book I use every type of medium under the sun.

Who or what are your inspirations?

My years of watching cartoons, looking at graffiti on trains, comic-books, hip hop culture in general, starvation.

What do you think of the New Contemporary art movement at the moment?

I love it, I think the boundaries have finally been lifted and new art forms are being more easily accepted than they may have been in the past.

Where do you think the movement is going?

I think its moving in a positive direction and will open new doors to the younger generation of artists.

Have you showed your work in Europe or The United Kingdom before?

Not until London Miles and am super excited to be a part of this show, have painted murals however.

Have you ever had an large artistic block and how did you overcome it?

Not really, I have so many ideas that I sometimes overwhelm myself by thinking I will never get enough time to share them all with the world.

Do you make art with an audience in mind or do you make it just because you like it ?

I make it for me to start, but I think because of my influences that my work speaks to most people who are in tune with music, fashion, sports, movies etc. I have a little something for everyone I feel, I try not to limit my subject matter in that regards.

What do you want show and express with your art?

I've always like to create images that are visually stimulating to the viewer. If he/she/it is able to walk away emotionally charged by my work than great, if that's not the case than at least they have something nice to look at for a period of time.

What advice would you give to the Next Generation of UK artists that what to succeed in this art genre?

Be persistent, learn when to play the sidelines and when to kick the door down. Never stop creating, your art is your voice so use that to express your thoughts for the world and the right people will listen.

What role do you think (this type of) art plays in today’s society?

An important one, this generation is hands down the most creative so people should pay attention to what we are saying.

Thanks Chris!
For more information on Chris Murray visit his website:

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