Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Luke Kopycinski and Victor Castillo's First London showcase

This December we have a very exciting two man show coming to London.
Luke Kopycinski from Austrailia and Victor Castillo from Chilie will be showcasing a collection of original paintings and drawings at London Miles in their first showcase in London.

Victor Castillo

Born in 1973 in Santiago de Chile where he was a member of the art research collective Caja Negra. His Work has been shown in various countries such as Spain, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, the United States, Canada, Belgium and Taiwan. The work of Victor Castillo strikes like a swift blow to the stomach and stirs the innards of a popular iconography fed by comics, illustration and television. His drawing produce slogans on daily consumption and monstrous beings enslaved to flesh and money. This production, consumption and digestion of statements reveal the violence of everyday life and denounce the universality of rationality incarnated by diabolical figures of animals or humans. At the moment he lives and works in Barcelona.

See more of Luke's work HERE

Luke Kopycinski

Luke Kopycinski is an Australian born artist currently working and living in Melbourne, Australia. His work is intriguing, dark and has an underlying current of something very human. Best described as Dark Noir, his subject matter is of the beautiful and the melancholy, aspects of the people around him, both what they project on the outside and what they keep inside. His oils are a mix of realism and impressionism, a mixture of strong soft shining lights and heavy sharp shadows that centre the focus of the pieces. His graphite works have been described as painting themselves, illusionary in depth and form with imagery like deceptively frozen moments.

See more of Luke's incredible artwork HERE!

The show opens on December 10th 2010. From 7pm to 11pm at Westbourne Studios. London Miles. If you came to our previous opening of the Idol Hours, then I dont have to tell you twice- this is not a show you want to miss...

More sneak previews to follow shortly. If you have any questions just get in touch with us:
www.londonmiles.com/ info@londonmiles.com

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