Tuesday, 12 October 2010

What is coming up this November at London Miles

So maybe you would of heard by now about a show we have coming up this November, titled The Idol Hours.
More than 35 International artists recreate historical works of art in this modern day contemporary art show. Each artist has personally selected a piece from before WWII that has inspired them in someway or another, and have recreated it in their own way. Paying homage to the masters before our time, and reminding the current generations of the living talent that we are surrounded by.

To get your mouth watering...here is a sneek at what is coming:

Kevin Earl Taylor recreate "Peasants Bringing home a calf born in the Fields"by Jean Francious

Ken Keirns recreates "The Lady with an Ermine" by
Leonardo da Vinci.

You getting curious yet??? Check out this exhibition here for more details!
Opening reception: November 12th 2010.
At London Miles Gallery.

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