Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Made In Britain exhibition featured on Amelia's magazine!

Our current exhibition, Made in Britain, opened on Friday evening the 10th of September. It was such a busy night, with over 400 attending guests through out the evening. We will have images for you shortly, but till then take a look at this great review the exhibition has received from Amelia's Magazine.

"So the London Miles gallery’s latest exhibition is a very timely wake-up call to the fact that Pop Surrealism, with its Graffiti and Lowbrow fellow flavours, has a very natural home here in the UK. We’re so culturally jam-packed with icons, ironies and idiosyncrasies, its a recipe fit to burst kola-kube-sour onto your culture buds."

"This is the best show I have seen for a while, in one of London’s tastiest spaces. Energetic, democratic, authentic, and even, dare I say it, affordable. It doesn’t have a big ego, doesn’t puff itself up. It just does what it says on the tin, as gleefully as possible. If Britain’s really got talent for a new dawn, this is the place to watch."

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