Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Welcome Back! Coming up at London Miles!

Its great to be back, and we are all very excited about the great year ahead. First off, we would like to wish you a Happy 2010! Now lets get down to business, coming up this February we have the UK premiere of "NEW BROW, The rise of Underground art." The movie will be shown in the screening room in Westbourne Studios on the 20th and the 27th of February.

TICKETS: £8.00

Take a sneek peek at the first trailer for the documentary feature film. First hand accounts from the artists, galleries and collectors who started and continue the new underground art movement, also known as Pop Surrealism which is a wide spread populist art movement with origins in Low Brow art, underground comix, punk music, hotrods, Kustum culture, Street Art, Graffiti, and other California sub-cultures.
This is your first chance to see this great documentary on the big screen. Dont Miss it! Tickets will sell out fast..so stay tuned.

New Brow Trailer 1 from New Brow on Vimeo.

Also in February is the release and launch party of "HUNT AND GATHER, Discovering new art."

Hunt and Gather
showcases a contemporary view of international art featured in galleries and media across the globe. This striking collection of surrealism, pop art, illustration, Collage, Graphic design and mixed media represent many of today's most boundary-pushing artists. Aspects of this collection are dark, at times macabre, but these images are complimented by arrestingly playful pieces.

Dedicated to fostering the relationships between artists and art enthusiast, Hunt and Gather author Tina Ziegler has selected an array of artist to contribute to the book, work that they feel best represents their creative output, accompanied by first-person texts that shed light on how and why these individual make their art.

Featuring: Aaron Kraten, Andy Council, Brandi Milne, Carlos Ramons, Carrie Ann Badde, Catalina Estrada, Charles Wish, Greg Simkins, Jason Jackenco, Chelsea Greene Lewyta, Dave Pressler, Diva, Edwin Ushiro, Elizabeth McGrath, El Gato Chimney, Emilio Subria, Georgina Ciotti, Jon, Beinart, Ja Shea9, Joshua Petker, Karl Person, Kukula, Mad Steez, Mr.Gauky, Nathan Frizzell, Nathan Ota, Plastic God, Romanowski, Scott Belcastro, Scott Campbell, Scott Radke, Scott Scheildy, Tanner Goldbeck, Tessar Lo, Tiffany Liiu, Timothy Hon Hung Lee, Tina Imel, Victor Castillo, Yoskay Yamamoto.

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