Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The Opening reception of SHOCK AND AWE, A solo show by Joe Ledbetter

Joe Ledbetter's first U.K exhibition, "SHOCK AND AWE!" opened last Saturday evening the 10th of October in Notting Hill. The evening welcomed a large crowd of dedicated fans and some newcomers to the gallery. Joe Ledbetter was in attendance and spent most of the evening signing toys, books, prints, and making friends with a gallery full of londoners with large cheeky grins. The exhibition was an over all great success and we are really proud to have had some a great artist show with us here at London Miles.
Follow the rest of Joe's AMALGAMATION TOUR 2009 on his blog, his next stop is Amsterdam!

Shock and Awe will be on display until the end of October, so if you missed the opening reception then make sure you stop by before it closes to catch this great exhibition of Joes work.
For more information, please contact us here at London Miles Gallery.

A line starts to form around 4pm. Excited fans fill the street on a lovely Saturday afternoon.

A very busy night.

Joe signing the night away to happy fans.

Curator, Tina Ziegler and artist, Joe Ledbetter

Joe Ledbetter with the Clutter Magazine gang

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