Saturday, 27 June 2009


JULY is a very busy month for us here at London Miles Gallery. We got two great shows happening. On July 9th we will open a summer print exhibition, showcasing a range of limited edition prints at great prices. Prints will be on show from artists David Flores, Amanda Visell, Bwanna Spoons, Timothy Lee, Tiffany Liu, Scott C., Jim Mahfood, Ugbot and RESO.

JULY print exhibition: July 9th to 19th,09

Then on July 24th, 2009, we are very proud to present our first themed group exhibition, titled CANDY COATED CANVAS!

The exhibition features all original paintings and artwork by a international emerging and recognized artists.

Candy Coated Canvas is a themed group exhibition showcasing unique artworks by various established and emerging international talent. All artists have been asked to take inspiration from the title “ Candy Coated Canvas” and create a unique art piece which is visually extremely colourful and playful, whilst sparking up memories of childhood, sweets, and fantasy lands. The exhibition aims to showcase a range of artists in a themed environment, to create a highly memorable experience for the viewer, that can visually please and feed their imagination with colour and wild worlds of candy.

This eye catching exhibition will open Friday July 24th, 2009 from 7:00pm to 10:00pm


  • Tiffany Liu
  • Dholbachie
  • Matthew Bone
  • Zoe Lacchei
  • Tadaomi Shibuya
  • Mike Bilz
  • Lost Fish
  • Ryan Myers
  • Sebastian Otto
  • Scrumptious Delight
  • Robert Tirado
  • Rudi Fig
  • Natalie Shau
  • Jade Klara
  • David Palumbo
  • Luke Kopycinski
  • Amanda Riley

More information coming!! stay tuned!
and see you July 9th for our print summer showcase!

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